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How do you sually spend your weekeds ?

Version 1:

My weekend is a typical boy's weekend, which means video games in the morning and the football pitch in the afternoon. I love to hang out with my guys. Sure I would certainly do my studies and all,but homework is clearly not the theme of my weekend.

亮点一:My weekend is a typical boy's weekend:我的周末是典型的男生周末。酱紫的答案灰常有亲和力,很适合于男性考官产生共鸣。

亮点二:homework is clearly not the theme of my weekend:作业绝对不是我周末的主题。不要忌讳说出心里话。考官绝对不会因为你不喜欢做作业就扣你的分数,反而酱紫的话语还显得很活泼。

How do you usually spend your weekends ?

Version 2:

Girls will always be girls,shopping is so on the list. But sometimes we love to have bestie party. The girl stuff,you know, share the gossip news abd talk about nails and cosmetics. Sure, we also talk about how to pass the exam,well, at least more than the boys.

亮点一:Girls will always be girls:女孩永远都是女孩。这句话是很少见的恶搞手法,英语里有一句谚语:“Boys will always be boys."意思是“本性难移”,这里将这句话修改后有双关的感觉。

亮点二:on the list:排上日程。

亮点三:bestie party:闺蜜聚会。bestie是美国人很常见的口语表达,表示闺蜜。如果不喜欢可以直接换成close friends

亮点四:talk about nails and cosmetics:讨论美甲和化妆品。举例永远是最好的办法。

亮点五:at least more than the boys.:起码我们讨论学习比男生多。不要拍有人说这是性别歧视,这是一种很正常的交流。

Where do you usually hang out with your friends ?

We usually enjoy ourselves in my house instead of pubs or some other entertainment areas. My house is cozy for my guys and me,because a haouse with snack and TV for us to wantch game is quite cozy in my oppinion.

亮点:because a haouse with snack and TV for us to wantch game is quite cozy in my oppinion.:因为在我看来,有小吃和可以观看比赛的电视的房子已经够惬意了。这个句子难度并不大,但在口语表达上有很神奇的功效,因为这简简单单的一句话里竟然包含了3个介词短语,酱紫的繁复句式很漂亮,但在中国考生的实战中却很少见。

Do you like long holidays or short ones ?

I am not good with long time without classmates and study scheduales. I believe 3 or 4 weeks is super enough for a student to get a freshed. Don't they feel bored during long holidays?

亮点一:get refreshed:更新。这里的意思是让精神焕然一新。

亮点二:Don't they feel bored during long holidays: 他们难道在漫漫长假里就不觉得无聊吗?又见反问句。

Is there anything you don't like about holiday ?

I alaways feel guilty about holiday consuming . It is so good for us to spenf money during holidays, isn't it? Many splendid products suddenly come from nowhere, and the fact is that all people around you are buying stuff. I hate this becase I can't fight the temptation.


   亮点:holiday consuming:假日消费。第一句话包含的信息量很大,表面上看是对假日消费支出表示不满,其实这种内疚感完全印证了说话人在假期里购物的观点。


 亮点三:suddenly come from nowhere:突然不知道从哪里冒出来。nowhere在中国考生的口语中几乎每天都会出现。例如:“Where are you going?”“Nowhere。”(“你去哪里?”“哪里也不去。”)

   I can't fight the temptation:我抵御不了这种诱惑。fight在这里是抗争的意思。

Do you think holiday is necessary ?

Absoutel,yes,particularly to Chinese people. Let me show you some data for seeing this situation clear. 8 to 9 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, 40 weeks a year, that's the time for us to work. Who would say no to holidays under this pressure?

 亮点一:8 to 9 hours a day,5 to 6 days a week,40 weeks a year: 一天8到9个小时,一周5到6天,一年40周。这道题问的是假日的重要性。比起摆道理说人们需要休息或希望旅游,不如直接把工作的压力摆出来,数据化,酱紫的说法更有说服力。而且一旦各位将这么多的数据流利地说出来,考官一定会被你震撼到。

亮点二:say no to: 表示对......说不。

What is your favorite fastival?

I regard Tomb-sweeping Day is the most holy festival. Because that is the only day in a year that we can do something to remember our lost ones,or give us an excuse to chase back the time sharewith them. Memory is the only thing left and that's the meaning of this festival.


亮点二:chase back the time shared with them:追溯与他们共享的那段时光。


Tell me about one tradition of any Chinese festival .

People would do the dragon dancing in Spring Festivals. It is a typical Chinese festival tradition. Dancers would carry different parts of a dragon and dance togther like a real one. This dance contains two auspicious things to Chinese, dragon and dance.

亮点一:Dancers would carry different parts of a dragon and dance togther like a real one:舞者们会扛着龙的不同部分一起起舞,表演得像真正的龙一样。换个词,舞狮也可以。


Do you like Western festivals ?

I love Valentine's Day, and I believe many people of my age would agree. Guess what, it helps us a lot. Chinese people used to be shy about showing their feelings to someone until this fstival hit us. I think it is romantic and beautiful.

 亮点一:hit:冲击到。hit的很多用法只能意会。例如:hit the road(上路了),hit the music(开始放音乐了)。


Many Chinese people like to celebrate Western festivals, how do you think of it ?

It's not a bad thing though. All of us need to have an excuse to celebrate and , indeed, some of the Western festivals are really special. By now I still have no idea why people eat turkey on Christmas,but I believe it is good to experience another country's festival traditon as long as we don't forget about our own.

 亮点一:By now I still have no idea why people eat tukey on Christmas:直到现在,我依旧不知道为什么人们要在圣诞节吃火鸡。这个具体的例子让考官彻底信服你的确对西方的节日有所了解。

 亮点二:as  long as:只要。相当于so long as。听过WestlifeAs Long As You Love Me的人对这个词组一定不陌生。




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