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How many peple are in your family?

My family is s typical Chinese family, or what they called nuclear family. There is my old man who earn the bread, my mom who manages the house and me who enjoys their salary.

亮点一:nuclear family:核心家庭。指只有父母和子女的家庭。

亮点二:earns the bread:养家糊口。bread earner就是家里的顶梁柱。

Do you have brothers or sisters?

I am the only child and I am the apple of my parents eyes. I do have a few cousins though.

亮点:I am the apple of my parents eyes:我是爸妈手心里的宝。尽管有点俗,不过还算是个加分点。

If you are the only child in the family, do you want to have a brother or a sister? Why?

I do envy those people who have a brother or a sister. They want feel bored or lonly at home. And they can learn to communicate and compromise, which are essential in their further social life.

亮点一:I do envy those people :我的确很羡慕他们。

中国学生很少使用do,在动词前面加个do可以表示强调,意思是的确,例如:I do believe you.(我真的相信你。)

亮点二:And they can learn to communicate and compromise:他们可以学着去交流和妥协。compromise等于find a middle ground, 两者都是妥协,找到中间值的意思。

Who usually do the housework or cooking?

My Dad has been playing the housekeeper all along. He is good at taking care of our family and he is always there for us to keep a cozy place. That's the reason why Mom decides to marry him, I guess.

亮点一:he is always there for us :他总在我们的身边。这个there其实并没有“那里”的意思,而有一点“存在”的意味。sb. is there for sth.的句型专指谁为什么而存在。例如歌词里I will always be there for you.(我会一直陪着你。)

亮点二:That's the reason why Mom decides to marry him, I guess.:这可能就是我老妈嫁给他的原因吧。介绍老爸的时候,这句话绝对是夸得最狠的。

How do you contribute to your family?

I , as a student,can't really make money or provide anything for them. But at least I can guarantee that I keep my nose clean,I can stay away from gangsters,drugs or alcohol and I promise I won't talk back to break my parents' hearts. That's my contribution.

亮点一: keep my nose clean:洁身自好。

亮点二:stay away from gangsters,drugs or alcohol:远离小混混,毒品和酒精。

亮点三:talk back:顶嘴。还有一个说法是talk somebody down,意思是抬高音量把对方压下去。

Do you think it is good or bad to have only one child in the family?

For a typical middle class Chinese family, one child is quite enough. It is much easier for parents to provide the best education and care about their kids. As for now,a person who wants to go far in China needs a long-term education investment. I don't think parents in China can handle two or more children.

亮点一:middle class:中产阶级。上层社会就得top class,top 也有“顶级的,很好的”意思。

亮点二:go far:有出息。其实英语在很多地方也是有引申意味的,看起来有出息就是走得远,这是个全世界的人都认同的概念啊。


 Who cooks in your family ?

My  Mom is bron for cooking and she has been serving us dinners and lunches for almost 16 years. My Dad said he was not bad yet he was too busy to show his talent.

亮点一:My  Mom is bron for cooking:我老妈是为了烹饪美食而生的!

亮点二:yet he was too busy to show his talent:但是他太忙了,没有时间来展示他的才华。这句话主要是让各位体会一下用不同的词来替换头脑中的那一些“口水词”。有些同学反应用but有点用吐了,在这里用yet代替;此外,用show his talent 来代替cook for us 也是因为以前已经用过这个单词了。

Is there anything needs to change in your family ?

I think we should travel more. We are a happy family but we don't do many road trips, and I don't want to see my parents both running like a clock every day, I want life in my family to be more colorful.

亮点:see my parents both running like a clock every day:看我父母每天都忙得马不停蹄的。这是极其简单的一个比喻句,各位可以自己发挥,利用比喻。

How important is  family to you ?

To me,family is a shelter rather than anything. No matter what frustration I have got, I can put myself together as lomg as I know my family is there for me.

亮点一:family is a shelter rather than anything:我的家首先是个避风港。


亮点三:put myself together:振作起来。这是别人通常用来鼓励我们的一句话:Come on ,stop crying,you need to put yourself together.(别哭了,你得振作起来!)



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