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    【第5期】 topic购物

Do you like shopping?

Shopping is a necessary part of my daily life.I like shopping not only for purchasing some fancy stuff,but more like enjoying the time with friends. Criticizing brands or selecting a style is the ture spirit of shopping.

亮点一:fancy stuff高档货

亮点二Criticizing brands or selecting a style is the ture spirit of shopping.:评判各种品牌的好坏或筛选各种风格才是购物的精髓所在。这句话不是我自己编的,而是一位经常逛街的女士给出的心得。如果你面对的是一位女性考官,相信这句话的威力就更大了。


Where do you usually go for shopping?

I love to go shopping in some second-hand stuff markets.Comparing with buying new things ,I do prefer to make the old stuff alive. It's a pity to see some old picture frames or other furniture got thrown into trash.

亮点一:make the old stuff alive化腐朽为神奇alive是活着,鲜活的意思

亮点二picture frame画框

亮点三got thrown into trash被扔进垃圾桶trash是垃圾的意思,这里寓意是垃圾场,垃圾箱。


Who do you like to go shopping with?

My Mom is an genius of bargaining and she is my official shopping partner. We work as a team like this: I choose and select the style and brand while my Mom does the evaluation by comparing with other shops,then she just fire away for a real plesant price.

亮点一My Mom is a genius of bargaining:我老妈是个砍价天才

亮点二:fires away:讲话。fire有开火的意思,在词组fire away中,也有同样的意思。尽管中文的含义都是说话,但是比talk就重多了,有点“开喷”的感觉。同样地,如果有人要问你问题,你也可以大方地说:Fire away.(尽管问吧。)


How do you think of window shopping?

I don't think window shopping is kind of shopping but an investigation.People are searching for the prefer subjects through window shopping. Before that, probaly they just have a blur image of what they want to buy. So it is a significant process for making a purchase decision.

亮点一:I don't think window shopping is kind of shopping but an investigation:我觉得只看不买算不上购物,更像是一种调查。not......but“不是......,而是......”的意思,用在表达不同观点时非常地道。

亮点二:they just have a blur image of what they want to buy:他们仅仅对自己想买的东西有个模糊的意象。blur作名词时意为污点。

Did you buy anything online?

Eery young people have online-shopping experience. I bought quite a few thing online,like bags,books,shoes even furniture. Besides,it's cheaper than those in the regular malls,the best part is that the product will be delivered to us in a pack and we can unwrap it like a Christmas gift.

亮点一quite a few不少

亮点二we can unwrapit like a Christmas gift我们可以像打开圣诞礼盒一样打开它

How do you think of online shopping?

It saves us a lot of of time and money.That's the benefit of online shopping. however,I think this format of business deprives the joy of shopping. I mean we can't touch the product or feel its texture. Shopping should be more than trading.

亮点一this format of business deprives the joy of shopping:这样的商业模式剥夺了购物的快感。format of 意思是......的模式,形式



How offen do you go shopping? How offen do you go shopping?

Once or tiwce is quite enough for a student like me. Though the delicious products are caling,I still have to resist the temptation. I may go shopping whenever I want after getting a decent job.

亮点:Though the delicious products are calling ,I still have to resist the temptation:尽管让人垂涎的商品在呼唤我,但我还是得抗拒这种诱惑。delicious在这里不是好吃的,而是使用了一种通感的修辞。



Do you like to buy things in the supermarkets or in the big shopping malls?

I prefer to hunt in the supermarkets. It feels like easy to walk around in there. I don't have to worry about picking up about something I can't afford,but the same story can be super embarrassing in the shopping malls.


亮点二but the same story can be super embarrassing in the shopping malls但同样的情况在大型购物中心就会变得非常尴尬了。story在这里是情况,状况的意思。


Do you like the famous brands?

I do. Famous brands always have good reasons to be famous,and that's basically why people put their trust on in and its products. Like Apple,it's famous for its exquisite design. Those nameless computer brands can never satisfy consumers like Apple does.

亮点一:put their trustin信任......木有用传统的trust somebody而是用put in 句型强调信任的强度。

亮点二it's famous for its exquisite design;它以精美的设计著名。这句话的亮点不是用词或句式,而是读音。这句话音节非常多,不太容易念熟,各位达人可以挑战



When do you usually go shopping?

Weekends are the only time for me to go shopping. Also,the periods after festivals and holidays are ideal for shopping. You know,that's commonly the discount seasion.

 亮点一:You know,that's commonly the discount seasion :一般都是打折季。





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