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enrich the teaching method 丰富教育手段

enjoy equal rights 享有平等权利

receive education 接受教育

offer a chance of education 提供一种教育机会

give a big push to the development of education 给予教育极大的推动

face possible pressure and competition 迎接可能的压力和竞争

develop our creative mind 培养我们创造性思维

embracing the Knowledge Economy Age 拥抱知识经济时代

renew knowledge 革新知识

keep skills fresh and up-to-date 使得技能可以与时俱进

widen one’s knowledge 拓展知识面

enrich one’s social and life experience 丰富了社会和生活阅历

enlarge one’s view 拓展知识面

broaden one’s horizons 拓展知识面

realize the value of life 实现生命价值

grasp good communication skills 掌握良好的交流技能

cultivate a strong sense of responsibility 培养了强烈的责任感

promote social skills and competence 提高了社会能力和竞争力

tap one’s potential 挖掘某人的潜能


develop linguistic skills 培养语言技能

cultivate logical thinking 培养逻辑思维

communicate with others directly, and freely 与他人直接自由交流

make astounding advances 突飞猛进

enrich the teaching and learning methods 丰富了教学手段


break with old customs 抛弃传统

carry down from generation to generation 代代相传

satiate people’s psychological demands 满足心理需求

arouse one’s curiosity about something 引发某人对某事的好奇心

time is fleeting and art is long 时光飞逝,艺术永恒

preserve the cultural relics 保护文化遗产

beautify our life 美化我们的生活

attract people’s eyes 吸引人们的眼球

maintain the world peace 维护世界和平

cause irreversible damage 造成不可逆转的损失

remove prejudice and misunderstanding 消除偏见和误解


hit the headlines 上头条

issue 出版、发行

live in virtual would 生活在一个虚拟世界中

meet different tastes 满足不同口味

follow the fashion blindly 盲目追逐时尚

be inconceivable to somebody 对…来说是难以想象的

endanger social stability and safety 危害社会稳定和安全

revolutionize the way we acquire information 彻底改变了我们获取信息的方式

deprive somebody of one’s imagination and creativity 使…丧失了想象力和创造力

find its way into every family 进入千家万户

embark on the criminal road 走上犯罪道路

create topics of discussion 制造交谈话题

strengthen family ties 加强家庭纽带关系

be detached from reality 与现实隔绝

distinguish right from wrong 明辨是非

imitate 模仿

stimulate one’s imagination and creativity 激发某人想象力和创造力


learn to cooperate and comprise 学习合作和妥协

treasure opportunity 珍惜机会

get advanced in the society 出人头地

keep skills fresh and up-to-date 使技能可以不断更新

expand one’s horizon 开阔视野

shoulder/undertake one’s responsibility 承担起自己的责任

upgrade oneself 提升自我

stand up to / meet the challenge 迎接挑战

realize the value of life 实现人生价值

enrich one’s social experience 丰富一个人的社会阅历

cultivate one’s independence and toughness 培养自己的独立性和坚韧性

seek for personal development 追求个人发展

display one’s talent 展示才能

meet one’s personalized needs 满足某人个性化需求

define one’s role 确定自己的角色

accumulate experience 获取经验

work overtime 加班

improve one’s capabilities 提高某人能力

develop one’s talents 培养才智

master interpersonal skills 掌握人际交往技能


boost the economic development 促进经济发展

levy the tax 征税

observe traffic regulations 遵守交通规则

break traffic regulations 违反交通规则

get struck in traffic 遇上堵车

ease the traffic pressure 缓解交通压力

overspeed 超速行驶

settle down effective laws 制定出积极有效的法律

enhance the quality of life 提高生活质量

promote the development of relative industries 促进相关产业发展


in the long run 从长远角度而言

offer more job opportunities 提供更多的就业机会

suffer heavy losses 遭受重大损失

breed crimes 滋生犯罪


perform experiments on animals 在动物身上做试验

be subjected to experiments 被迫接受试验

live and let live 活着就是与万物共存


pay the way for the future development 为未来的发展铺平道路

promote relative industries 促进相关产业发展

accelerate 加速…

make people’s life easier 使人们生活更方便

substitute 取代

give a great push to the economic growth 极大地推动了经济发展

see dramatic breakthroughs 取得突破性进展

aggravate 使恶化

optimize 优化

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