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  It can not be denied that the lack of a language environment is the biggest drawback to English learners in China. Fortunately, the appearance of CCtalk successfully and efficiently solve the problem. CCtalk is an online stage for English lovers where they can communicate with each other not only by typing the messages, but also using their real voices. I have been learning English through CCtalk for nearly two months. Honestly speaking, I have made great progress with the help of CCtalk.  In a word, I love it more than I can say.

 First there are a variety of colorful and interesting lectures by many enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers. Attending their lectures is one of the reasons why I have made great improvement in my English. On one hand, they help us students with vocabulary, listening comprehension, oral practice and so on. On the other hand, they introduce much valuable advice to us, which proves to be of great significance.

  Second, participating actively in activities is the key to arousing my learning desire and enthusiasm. As we know, interest is the best teacher. As I open my mouth and speak out in public, my confidence has been greatly increased. But for these listening and speaking activities, how could I get rid of my previous sense of inferiority?

 Last but not least, I have made many friends here who also enjoy learning English. Since they come from different parts ofChina, to be more exact, from different parts of the world, I have gained a better understanding of various geographic feathers, history, culture and customs by talking with them. I am afraid nowhere else but on CCtalk can I make so many friends and improve my English simultaneously.

 Many thanks to our supervisor Lyn for his trust, I am appointed as a presenter here, which doubles my love for CCtalk. From today on, I will ask not only what CCtalk can do for me, but also ask what I can do for CCtalk. I have a dream that we will be able to establish a successful win-win bilateral relations. I am sure that with the joint efforts of you ,them and us, CCtalk of the users, by the users, and for the users will definitely have a prosperous and splendid future.


                                     CCtalk 学习英语的好帮手


    不可否认缺少语言环境是中国英语学习者遇到的最大障碍。幸运地是,CCtalk的出现成功有效地解决了这一问题。CCtalk 是一个为英语爱好者而打造的平台,人们在这个平台上不但可以打字而且还可以通过语音进行交流。我在CCtalk上学习将近两个月了。实实在在地说,在CCtalk的帮助下,我在英语方面取得了很大的进步。总之,我特别喜爱CCtalk




   非常感谢总管Lyn对我的信任,我在这里被任命为一名主持,此事让我对CCtalk倍加喜爱。从今天起,我不但会问CCtalk能为我带来什么,我更会问我能为CCtalk做出什么。我有一个梦,那就是我和CCtalk能建立起成功的双赢的双边关系。我坚信:在大家的共同努力下,民有、民治、民享的CCtalk 必定会迎来繁荣灿烂的明天。


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