The day went away

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The day went away

Well I wonder could it be 我很惊讶,是真的吗? 
  when I was dreaming about you baby you were dreaming of me 当我想你的时候你也同样想我 宝贝   call me crazy 我疯了吧   call me blind 我盲了吧 
  to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time 过去了那么长时间还在伤感实在是愚蠢 
  did I lose my love to someone better 是否我输给了一个更好的人   and does she love you like I do 她是不是跟我一样爱你? 
  I do, you know I really really do 我输了,你知道的,我真的真的输了。   well hey 嘿 
  so much I need to say 我想要告诉你好多好多   been lonely since the day 从那天开始我就孤独   the day you went away 你离去的那天   so sad but true 我是真的很难过 
  for me there's only you 你是我的唯一 
  been crying since the day 从那天我一直哭泣   the day you went away 你离去的那一天 
  I remember date and time 我记的那天那一刻   september twenty second 九月二十二日 
  sunday twenty five after nine 星期天九点二十五分 
  in the doorway with your case 站在门口 拿着你的行李   no longer shouting at each other 我们不在争吵   there were tears on our faces 泪水挂在我们脸上 
  and we were letting go of something special 我们放走了重要的东西   something we'll never have again 一个我们不可能再找回的东西   I know, I guess I really really know 我明白,我猜,我真的真的明白 
  why do we never know what we've got till it's gone 为什么在失去之前我们从来都不懂 
  how could I carry on the day you went away 你离开了我要怎么继续生活   cause I've been missing you so much I have to say 因为我一直想告诉你我多么的想你

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