Grandma , I Grow Up

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         When I grow up,you teach me how to behave ,do a useful person to do a civilized person .Now I'm in high school,I'm more sensible it you be older but person also may be old ,heart is not old.

         From small to large , has been 18 yesrs I have been afraid to leave your side . And your feelings is better than I could I have my parents . You can still remember when I was young , my uncle had a sun , and you have to help take care of , every day then at night I cry , cry to find grandma , so you took me  to uncle lived for several years . Now think of you how busy it was , but also with the one I like with a  heavy hammer. Grandma , I  love you . Grandpa has died for a long time , you can still remember he was visible how much you love each other ! When you are in a bad mood , you can tell me ,I would like your best friend . I can't sleep every night , you can tell a story to me , help me to  tickle ,so that I can sat her mind at to sleep .

           These days , the weather suddenly jumped , very,very hot. You back pain, waist and feet an so on , call I give you massage , when I saw you on the cheek , attentivrly found more wrikles , I see your hair , found that haven't dye hair your hair . An inch of time an inch of gold , an inch of gold will not buy inch of time. When I grow up , time passed quickly , you rest assured , I won't let you worry , I will be very effort to study hard , to give you a enjoy old age , to live a carefree days .

           Grandma !!! You are always in my mind at the age of 58 active grandma ! I love you forever !

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