How to increase your word power

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      <How to increase your word power> is  a book. I got the book long ago, nearly 30years. I had checked it on the line, but did not find the electronic book. Feeling becoming old day by day, and not have the wish that this language leave me, so I have the desire and passion to type it, nomatter how long time it will take.

       Nearly 27 years ago, I  studied at the HuaZhong Teachers' University. Our junior text book was Advanced English by 张汉熙. I was moved so much by the stories, the style, the imagination, the words they use, the ...... many, many of them. Especially lesson 14, 15 in book one. I told myself that someday, I will obtain the two books and go over them. Lesson 14 is from Wind of War. I both seeked the Chinese and English version on the line. But I found so many mistakes in the English version that I can't go through it.

      Thanks to the shopping on line, I had the chance to find one who wanted to sell the book Wind of War, but it must be paid for 100 yuan. Three days later, I got the book. How much does the owner bought the book? 4 yuan!

      And I bought another book <No signposts in the sea> this year. 

      So I have the wish: I will 1.  type , 2. type <No signposts in the sea>, 3. proofread the English version Wind of War, 4. type The Skill of Translation. I hope I can recall the words I have studied and even, study new words. 

      That is the aim and that is my wish.


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