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1. 110731CNS1

What type of music do you enjoy most? Explain why you enjoy this type of music. Include reasons and details in you explanation. 答案:I enjoy classic rock and roll from the 1960s and 1970s. My favorite bands are The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but there are dozens of others that I love as well. Not only are the songs from that era extremely catchy and fun, but they kind of transport you to a different time when you listen to them. You feel the rebelliousness in the guitar solos and the yells of the lead singers. You feel the sheer energy of the era, which was spurred on by social events both good and bad. It was just a wild time back then! And listening to the rock music makes everything seem so immediate. No picture of the 1960s and

1970s is complete without the music. I never get tired of it.

2. 120505NAS1

Your university is planning to replace paper books and magazines in its library with electronic books. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this plan?


One of the advantages is that it can save a lot of space. Thousands of books could be stored in a

single compact electronic device the size of a palm. Another advantage is that it can save a lot of trees from being cut down to make paper for books. However, there are some disadvantages too. For example, those electronic devices are run by batteries. so it might a bit inconveniet to recharge it all the time. Another disadvantage is that some of the electronic devices are quite expensive so not everyone could afford to buy one.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It’s easier to teach children in primary schools than students in universities. Include reasons and details in your explanation.

答案:I don’t agree with this opinion. I think it is more difficult to teach children in primary schools mainly because the discipline is harder to maintain. There may be many distractions for children that will keep them from learning, and they have a much shorter attention span. On the other hand,

students in universities are better at self-motivation and discipline. They are also more aware of the importance of utilizing their time productively. There is a sense of urgency because it is all about their future. There are, of course, many distractions for university students as well, but as adults they are

expected to know how to handle them.


4. 120505NAS2

Should the government spend money on projects which can encourage its citizens to lead a healthier lifestyle?

答案:I agree because the costs of caring for unhealthy individuals are ultimately passed on to citizens. With each claim, the costs of health insurance, doctor’s visits, medicines, surgeries, and long-term care increases. So, if

more individuals have an incentive to do preventive health care, less will be spent on avoidable medical care

costs. An additional benefit is that preventative healthcare and healthier lifestyles might save lives. For instance, early detection of certain cancers can significantly reduce the risks of losing life or limb. Government funding to encourage healthier lifestyles is worthwhile.

5. 120505NAS3

【学校通知】学校因为文学课太 popular 了,所以学校决定开晚课和增加一个班级人的数量。【学生意见】男的学生不 同意,他说班上人一多,discussion 的机会就少了,学生就学不到很多东西,还有就是晚课时间,学生都没有空,他们 有很多 activity 和 job 都在晚上,所以晚课不现实。

答案:The university announced that it’s going to make new class arrangements to meet the growing demand for the contemporary literature course which has become increasingly popular among students recently. Accorcing to this annoucement, an additional evening session of the course will be provided and class size will be

enlarged. In the conversation, the boy disagrees with this new arrangement and explains his reasons for holding such opinion. He says that the more students in a class, the less chance for each student to engage in class

discussions, which are extremely important for the study of literature. Therefore the quality of the learning

experience will be greatly reduced. Moreover, he argues that there is no point in adding an evening session

because most students are not free in the evening. They have different kinds of social activities to do at night and many have an evening job so they will not be able to attend the evening class.

6. 090920CNS3



说服力。首先要看书的人可以去图书馆看,不一定非要在宿舍,图书馆 很安静。其次学校很小,去哪里都可以步行,

不行横穿学校只要 30 分钟,况且公交车只取消几个小时而已,no big deal 然后题目是女生的观点理由是什么。

答案:The student letter complains about the school’s upcoming entertainment event. It argues that

that students who are studying for their final exams will be disturbed by the noise, and that the

suspension of bus service during this event will also cause inconvenience to the students. In the

conversation, however, the girl does not share the same view. She says that for those who want a quiet

environment to study, they can do so at the school library. Furthermore, the school campus is not that

big. You can walk across the campus in less than 30 minutes. Plus the bus service is only suspended for

30 minutes. It’s not a big deal.

7. 100410CNS4

【名词解释】exposure behavior,是说鼓励儿童反复做他们害怕的事,然后建立自信,最终克服恐惧。【教授举例】听力中 叫兽用它自己儿子 Tommy 的例子,说他们家搬到 LA,Tommy 原来不敢和新小朋友玩,只敢趴窗上看,后来教授借买冰淇 凌之机鼓励他向小朋友们问好,回来又问一次(两次间儿子表现已有所不同),回来后儿子甚至主动要求出去和他们一起 骑车,最终,Tommy 和其他小朋友过上了幸福的日子。


答 案 : “Behavior exposure” is a technique often used to help children overcome fear and rebuild

confidence by exposing children to the people or objects that they are afraid of. The professor further

illustrates this term by using his own son Tommy as an example. Tommy was afraid of playing with other

kids when his family had just moved to a new town in LA. [weixin:laoxikou]To help Tommy overcome

this fear, the professor asked him to buy an ice cream but wanted him to say hi to the kids on his way to

the ice cream store. Tommy did so, and he also said hello to the kids on his way back. After this experience,

Tommy was not afraid of kids in the new neighborhood any more, and he even asked to play with them.

8. 090920CNS4

【名词解释】Aggressive recruiting 即商家在推广期间给与顾客一些实惠,积累顾客,推广期过后开始收费增加收入。

【讲座例子】lecture 举了一个 gym 的例子在说明 这种策略的有效性。具体是,gym 在推广期让消费者免费获得健身指

导,一个月以后取消免费政策,结果大部分人都继续使用该服务,于是增加 了 gym 的 customer basis,是有效的。

答案:Aggressive recruiting is a technique used by businesses to attract new customers. The lecture

gives the example of a gym which wanted to recruit new members. In the first month, the gym offered

free personal training service to its potential customers, like how to use the equipment at the gym or

what is the best way to exercise. However, after one month, the gym cancelled the free promotion and

started charging customers if they still needed the service. It turned out that most customers were

willing to pay to continue their training at the gym. This proved to be an effective strategy to expand

the gym’s customer basis.

9. 110410CNS5

【学生困难】一女子上陶艺课,结果作业在 deadline 两天前被她摔成 3 瓣了。【解决方案】她觉得(1)粘起来,但怕老师

发现,因为她不想得普通的分数(也可能是 ask for an extension, pardon moi)(2)重做。但是她怕来不及,而且别的课要


答案:The girl is taking a pottery course, and was doing a pottery making assignment. But she accidently broke the pottery into 3 pieces. She could either glue the pottery back together, or start all over again by making a new one. I would recommend the girl to start all over again, because she has already done it once so it won’t be too difficult to make a new one in a short time. On the other hand, if she glues it back, no matter how careful she is, there will always be cracks that can be noticed by the professor, and as a result she may get a very low score.

10. 110731CNS5

【学生困难】女生要在校报发表一篇 paper,但文章写得 too long to publish。【解决方案】男编辑给她两个方案:方案

1:cut off the paper, and make it shorter 就能立即发表了。但女生觉得每个部分都很重要,不愿意 cut,要弄短就只能

Summarize 了。方案 2:到暑期版 summer issue 上再发表。女生不太愿意,因为暑假大家都放假了,教授和朋友们都不


答案:The girl wants to publish a paper on the school newspaper, but the editor feels that the paper is

too long, so he suggests that the girl either cut it short or publish it later in the summer issue. I would

recommend the girl to take the first option. If she can summarize the paper into a shorter version, she

can have it published soon for everyone to see, while if she waits until summer, most students and

professors would be away from school so they won’t be able to see the girl’s paper. Furthermore, I don’t

think the girl needs to worry too much about her paper being cut short. She can carefully make the

revision herself so that the most valuable or interesting part of the paper is unchanged.


11. 110731CNS6

【讲课要点】不能自身移动的海底 sea bottom 动物 dwellers(居民)获得食物的方法,有两种:第一种:active method。 举例:海葵 sea anemone 伪装成植物,寄生在其他动物身上,释放毒液,使游到附近的动物 paralyzed,然后抓住它们。 第二种:passive method。举例:牡蛎 Oyster 不动,坐等海水流把微生物 tiny material 送到嘴边。

答案:The lecture explains how immobile marine creatures living on the bottom of the sea capture their food. The first method is active method. For example, the sea anemone looks like a plant which clings itself to other moving sea animals. However, it has tentacles which can release poison to paralyze the

prey nearby and then grasp it. The second method is passive method. For example, the oyster does not move on itself, but its shells are slightly open so it can draw in sea water and extract the tiny nutritional food particles that are suspended in the water.

12. 120505NAS6

【讲座要点】:讲猴子在树上,但是在那里,水只能在地底下得到。那么猴子是怎么得到水然后支撑生活的。第一个是 absorb

moisture from food,讲了一个什么 hobe 的猴子,它们吃的嫩叶子里面包含了水分,所以它们不用吃水也没有问题。第二

个是喝雨水,一个 called spider 猴子的,它们用 cup like plant 来 Link 在树上,当有水的时候就用那个 cup like plant 来接


答案:The lecture talks about how monkeys obtain and drink water. Two different methods are discussed. The

first method is for monkeys to eat food that contains enough moisture. [weixin:laoxikou] For example, the

[monkey name] likes to eat the tender leaves of [plant name] that contain large quantities of moisture, so even if they do not drink water directly, these leaves would provide much of the monkeys’ water requirements. Another method is to drink the water collected and stored in various parts of the plants such as their stems, roots and

leaves. For example, the spider monkey would make use of a special plant whose leaves are shaped like a cup. By attaching these cup-like leaves to the tree, spider monkeys would be able to drink the rainwater stored in them when they need more supplies of water.

13. 120121NAW1

阅读文章:在 Rhone river 的河底,考古学家发现了一个 bust(就是一种头部雕塑),人们认为这个 bust 是 Julius Caesar 的。有几个理由:

【1】style of the sculpture: 头像的艺术风格正好是 Caesar 的那个年代的,叫“realist style”

【2】resemblance to Caesar’s other portraits : Caesar 年代的 silver coin 上有他的头像,和考古发现的这个 bust 非常 相似,特别是头发

【3】location of the bust found: Caser 后来被推翻,所以民众不敢在新的国王统治下还保留 Caesar 的头像,所以 就扔河里了,很说得通。


The lecture and the reading passage both talk about a life-size marble bust, found during an

archaeological excavation and retrieved from the bed of the river Rhone. While the author of the

passage attributes this bust to Julius Caesar, the lecturer refutes each of the arguments presented in the reading.

First, the style of the portrait could not be used as evidence to show that this bust was that of Julius

Caesar. Although the bust was made in a style very popular during Caesar’s time, this style continued


to be popular many years after Caesar died. Therefore, this bust could very well have been made in a much later time for someone other than Caesar.

Second, the similarities between the bust and the portrait of Caesar on silver coins were rather limited

to the hair only. In other features such as the neck and the nose, there are many obvious differences. If

the bust was Caesar’s, then it should have looked the same in all features to other portraits of Caesar.

Finally, the location where the bust was found could not prove anything. Archaeological study also

excavated other items from the same place including a sculpture for the God of Neptune. This indicates that people could have thrown things into the river because they have become useless rather than

because of political reasons, as what the reading suggests.

14. 130215NAW1

阅读:某个地方的洞穴 Erdstall 可能有三种用途


【2】当 shelter,躲避强盗 attack

【3】宗教用途。灵魂等候区(为死去的人提供场 所,让他们等待超生)


【1】洞会漏雨水,储存食物不方便。在冬天 Erdstall 都被淹 没了,而且也没发现里面有谷类残留

【2】Erdstall 太小了,只能勉强装下一家人。而且存氧气很 少,只够一个人的量。另外,只有一个入口,不太可能像为 了逃跑设计的。

【3】宗教用途如果是的话,应该所有有共同宗教信仰的村子 都有,但是有的村子有,有的村子没有。

答案:The reading passage proposes three hypotheses regarding the functions of the Erdstall, a narrow, underground structure built in [ name of place mentioned in the reading ]. However, the lecture points to the weakness of the three hypotheses.

First, the Erdstall could have been used to keep livestock or to store food. However, the lecturer argues that the Erdstall is not rainwater-proof. Particularly in the winter, the Erdstall could have been flooded. So it is not an ideal place to store food. Furthermore, no traces of grain have been found in the Erdstall. Therefore, the storage hypothesis is unlikely.

Second, the Erdstall could be a shelter against attack or burglary. This is also not possible in the

lecturer’s opinion, because, as he argues, the Erdstall is so small that it could barely accommodate one family, and the oxygen inside the Erdstall is sufficient to sustain only one person. Another obvious weakness of this hypothesis is that the Erdstall has only one entry point and does not have an exit, making it unlikely to serve as an escape route.

Finally, it is theorized that the Erdstall could have religious functions, serving as a chamber of soul for

the deceased. Yet if this were true, according to the lecture, the Erdstall should have been found in

every village across the whole region which shares the same religion. The fact, however, is that the


Erdstall is only present in some, not all, of the villages. So the religion hypothesis is unconvincing, either.

15. 120217CNW1


阅读材料说了防止 Asian carp 进入 Great Lakes 的三种


【1】 construct walls in Great Lakes

【2】利用 electrical charged device to eliminate Asian


【3】 two-step measure. First, 通过 toxic chemicals 把 所有的鱼毒死。Second, 再引进 native species.


【1】这个对 shipping 有影响,cargo 要从一个船 reload 到 另一个船上,增加了 cost.

【2】这样无法覆盖全面,carp 可以游到 other side 从而进 入 lake

【3】这种做法 unpredictable,dangerous. 而且利用 toxic chemical 之后可能会导致 whole ecosystem 发生变化,不 利于鱼类生长。

答案:The reading passage introduces three methods to prevent the Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes area. However, the lecture points to the problems associated with each method.

The first method is to construct walls in the Great Lakes to block the passage of the Asian carp.

However, the lecture points out that this would negatively influence the shipping industry in the area because cargo ships would also be blocked and have to unload the cargo at one side of the wall and reload the cargo at the other side, significantly increasing cost of transportation.

The second method is to use electrical devices to eliminate the Asian carp. However, according to the lecture, this method would not work successfully because small fish could still swim through the

device, and continue to grow and reproduce in the other side of the lake.

The third method is a two-step approach involving the poisoning of the Asian carp first and then the introduction of new species. Yet the professor argues that this measure is too drastic and could have unpredictable results. The toxic chemicals released would lead to changes in the whole ecosystem that are dangerous to the fish population in the area.

16. 120715CNW1

阅读:鲱鱼是一种经济鱼类,然而现在,在某个 bay,

鲱鱼的数量大大下降,政府建议说应该限制鲱鱼的捕 捞。文章反驳说这种说法达不到效果,原因有三: 【1】政府没有考虑到鲱鱼的 predator,有一种鱼吃掉 了很大数量的鲱鱼,这才是鲱鱼数量下降的主要原因, 所以应该控制鲱鱼的捕食者的数量。


【1】鲱鱼的 predator 是 part of the whole ecosystem,它的 存在使很多其他种类的鱼的数量 under control。所以更好 的 做 法 还 是 限 制 捕 捞 , 不 要 disturb the balance of environment

【2】作为蛋白质来源,鲱鱼可以被 soybean 所替代。因为

大豆对于 livestock 和 poultry 来说也是很好的蛋白质来源

并且大豆供给充足。 Farm 根本不会受限制捕捞的影响。


【2】鲱鱼是 livestock 和 poultry 的主要蛋白质来源,

如果限制了捕捞,那么很多 farm 就得不到蛋白质来 源,从而受到影响。

【3】fishing limit 还会减少很多就业岗位,很多鲱鱼 的捕捞者,加工者和交易商会因为鲱鱼产业的萧条而 失去工作,这个产业提供了本地区的大多数就业机会, 整个地区的经济会因此受到影响。

【3】文中说经济会受影响真是目光短浅。 这种 fishing

limit 只是 temporary 的,目的只是为了让鲱鱼数量回到正


如果现在不限制捕捞,以后整个经济才会真正的 collapse。

答案:The population of the menhaden in the Chesapeake Bay has been declining due to overfishing, so the government has called for a ban on menhaden fishing in the area. The author of the passage is

concerned that such a ban may not be the right solution, while the lecturer gives the opposite opinion, arguing that the ban is necessary and justified.

First, the reading points to the fact that the real cause of the decline in the menhaden population is not fishing, but the striped bass, a major predator of the menhaden, so rather than limiting menhaden

fishing, we should reduce the population of the striped bass. However, the lecture argues that the

striped bass serve as an important link in the eco-system, keeping the population of many fish species under control. We should avoid disturbing the natural balance of the ecosystem, so the best solution is still a ban on menhaden fishing.

Second, the reading suggests that the menhaden are an important source of protein for livestock and poultry. Placing a ban on menhaden fishing would negatively affect nearby farms. The lecturer,

however, states that the menhaden can be replaced by soybean, which is also a very effective source of protein for livestock and poultry. Therefore, banning fishing in the Chesapeake Bay would not create any shortage of proteins necessary for farms in the nearby areas.

Finally, the author of the passage is worried that limiting menhaden fishing would lead to the loss of job opportunities for fishermen, dealers and in the processing industries, which would hamper the local economy. From the lecture, however, we learn that the ban on menhaden fishing is only a

temporary policy. Once the population of the menhaden returns to normal, the ban will be lifted and fishing and other related industries will grow healthily again. On the other hand, if overfishing is not stopped, it would result in a total collapse of the local economy sooner or later.

17. 121124CNW1


说为了缓解交通拥堵,想要在 city


【1】。 这样做可以 improve time(主要就是说节省时间) 【2】。 可以改善环境 improve that area’s environment 【3】。 收的 fee 可以用于 revenue。 the city 可以再修 路,修桥什么的


【1.】这样做有些司机不愿意花钱走这个区域就得绕路, 更浪费时间。举了个例子:送快递的,他们要省钱,所以 送快递的时候会变长。

【2.】 在收费区里面环境可能会好点,但是周围的车相对 就会增多,noise and air pollution 就会多。所以不是整个 city 都能环境变好

【3.】 有的人不能 afford 这个费用了,就会去坐 subway,

政府就得出更多的钱维护 subway,这样一来收的那点钱




答案:The policy of congestion pricing is enforced in some urban areas in order to alleviate traffic

congestion. The reading passage explains the benefits of congestion pricing, while the lecture warns that this policy has a number of negative effects.

The reading suggests that congestion pricing reduces traffic so drivers can reach their destination in less time. However, the lecturer contends that not all people will find it time-saving. Some drivers will go round the pricing zone in order to avoid congestion surcharges. For example, delivery drivers will take a longer route to avoid this additional cost, so the delivery time is increased.

The second benefit mentioned in the reading is that congestion pricing improves urban environment. However, the lecturer points out that this may be true for areas within the charging zone because there is less traffic there. But in the surrounding areas, pollution and noise may become worse as a result of increased level of traffic that moves to those areas.

Finally, according to the reading, congestion charges are a source of city revenue which can be used by the government to improve public facilities such as roads and bridges. Yet the lecturer argues that this policy will lead some people to switch from driving to using public transportation such as the subway. This will entail an additional cost for subway maintenance, which may even exceed the revenue from congestion pricing. Therefore the policy will not help improve roads and bridges.

18. 130112CNW2

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? An effective leader should try to make others feel that they are part of the decision making process.

答案:We face many difficult challenges in our world today. An effective leader understands that the

best approach to solving problems is through collaboration and cooperation. Therefore, she engages

others and makes them feel that they are part of the decision-making process. Including others in

decision making gains cooperation, develops better contributors, and finds the best solutions.

When a leader seeks the input of those affected by the decision, it gets everyone to take ownership of it. If they invest their time and effort into a conclusion, they will accept and believe in it. If it is a policy decision, they will be more likely to cooperate with it than to complain about it. If the decision solves a problem, they will try harder to make it work if they were part of reaching it.

A good leader knows that when group members feel valued they become better contributors to the

decision-making process. Recognition is a basic human need; people gain confidence when they believe their opinions matter. It benefits the whole when confident people freely present their ideas and input. Members who feel valued will work harder for the good of the whole, so a good leader demonstrates appreciation for all ideas and viewpoints.


Embracing a wide variety of perspectives is vital to finding the best answers. Leaders know it is better

to have the opinions and ideas of many people than of a single person. People think more creatively in

an atmosphere of open exchange; each idea sparks another, creating imaginative solutions that one

could never arrive at alone. Leaders also encourage critical thinking when they invite opposing points

of view into the decision-making process. A true leader creates value by bringing together many


Making others stakeholders in decision making, attaching importance to the input of others, and

considering diverse opinions are essential to effective leadership. The world needs good leaders who value collaboration and cooperation. We change the world when we work together.

19. 130223NAW2

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to attract good students, a university should spend a lot of money funding social activities.

答案:I disagree with this. The high quality of classes, professors, and lessons should be the focus for attracting good students to universities. It’s rare that students choose colleges based on social

activities. Also, university clubs and other social organizations usually do their own separate

fundraising anyway.

When good students are researching colleges, they certainly want to know that the classes are high

quality. These are kids who have studied hard and excelled throughout high school. They like learning.

They want to know that for the next four years, they will continue to learn and be excited and

challenged by their teachers. For the majority of college-bound students, this is their priority.

Therefore, assuring them that they will get an excellent education is the best way to attract them.

Also, I don’t think many students are thinking about a college’s social activities when they are choosing which school to attend. Once they get to college, sure, they can delve into clubs and such. But students are so stressed out about everything else when they are first applying, like whether they’ll live in the

dorms or how much tuition costs. I don’t believe campus social activities are at the forefront of their

thoughts. Is it really that big of a deal if the dances have a live band instead of a local DJ? Or if there

are five different environmental clubs? These things are secondary. Throwing money at them won’t

necessarily bring in good students.

Finally, it seems irresponsible for a college to spend a lot of money funding social activities when

typically campus clubs and organizations do their own fundraising. Bake sales and car washes and

other fundraising activities have worked well enough so far! The university itself should stick to official business, like paying professors and staff members. It would be a shame if their salaries got cut


because some of the college’s funds were re-routed to pay for social activities. It would just harm the school instead of helping it.

That’s why I don’t think universities should start spending a lot of money on social activities, in order to attract good students. Hard-working students care the most about their education, clubs and

activities are not their priority when choosing a college, and social activities work fine funding

themselves anyway.

20. 120525NAW2

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the modern world, we should never be impolite to another person. 答案:It may seem too strong a statement to accept that one should never be impolite to others in the society today. With the mounting stress of life, people tend to fuss over trivial things, talking or

behaving in a bad manner, at work or at home. Or they may be easily provoked, getting into quarrels or even fights with strangers. However, there is no reason for us to be rude to another person as it contributes to / is conducive to neither business nor human relations.

As a rule of thumb, politeness plays a big part in the business world. Anyone working in sales or service

industries knows its value in reaching out for / tapping new areas or retaining customer loyalty. Even

if one fails to make / secure a deal, being polite helps to build up a professional personal image and a

positive business tie, hence opening up more opportunities for a company in a highly competitive, impersonal environment as ours.

In addition, / Business aside, politeness serves as a stepping-stone to a stronger human relation. At the beginning of any relationship, it is hard to let down one’s guard and go deeper with each other.

Being nice is, at its very least, a sign of good manner and respect for the other. It also creates a pleasant / amicable atmosphere for casual chatting or serious / weighty talks / conversations. In brief,

courtesy is one of the unwritten rules for human to cultivate / foster their relations, without which life would be miserable, if not entirely impossible / unlivable.

In contrast, being rude / nasty, with cursing or scolding, never works under any circumstance. When

one is controlled by anger / in a rage and dumps it onto / vents it out to whoever happens to be

around, their remarks or behaviours may get them nowhere but to provoke or hurt others. As a result

both sides may make decisions based on their emotion rather than reason, thus failing to get their work

done efficiently, and disturbing the harmony of their relations. Even when one is provoked, there is no

excuse to be rude because a mature cultured person should not be swayed by how others treat him /


It is true that / Admittedly, courtesy cannot resolve all the problems, especially those for which no easy solution is available. But being rude definitely / invariably ruins things and relations. To get things done, most of the time what matters is not what one says or does, but how / the way he or she says or does it. Only by being polite to each other can we stay composed and focused, think better and work out what is the best for all.


21. 080330CNW2

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students could receive a better, more efficient education if they spend 11 months a year studying.

答案:In most countries around the world, students study at school for less than 10 months of a year, enjoying the remaining 2 months mostly as a long summer vacation. This, in my opinion, is a less

efficient educational system for the students. Students who take very long summer vacations tend to forget what they have previously learned. This means that when school starts again, much time is

wasted on refreshing the memories of the students. Ending this cycle with shorter summers results in a stronger, more productive school year.

When students have long summer vacations and only attend school nine or ten months out of the year, they tend to forget their lessons. This is especially true of older students, who are learning more difficult subjects such as high-level math and world history. The numerous summer weeks drift by and students just laze around and have fun, giving little thought to school. Bit by bit, the equations of algebra start to become hazy. The details of World War I become muddled. However, if summer break is just a month long and the students attend school the other eleven months of the year, their brains will retain far more information. They’re given just enough time to relax and then get right back to work. A two or three month summer break is dangerously long, which is unnecessary and damaging.

This loss of knowledge over long summers has even further negative effects on the part of the teachers. Teachers, at the start of the new school year, often notice that their students have forgotten their

lessons from the previous year. To be able to move forward, the teachers have to repeat what they have taught previously. This could lead to an endless cycle of learning something, forgetting most of it, being reminded, over and over and over. Cutting short long vacations, giving students no opportunity to

forget, is therefore very conducive towards more effective teaching.

Some people might argue that studying for 11 months of a year may be too stressful for students, so

they need to break away from school for 2 or more months to relax, and to develop an interest in nonacademic subjects such as music and painting. However, they don’t have to do so continuously over

two or more months completely away from school. There is always time after regular school hours like late afternoon periods, or during the weekends, when students can enjoy the fun of exploring

something different.

That’s why I believe that a school year lasting eleven months would be a good idea. The very long

summers where students forget information would be avoided. This would mean that the autumn

lessons wouldn’t be just reminders of old, forgotten information. The school year would therefore be more productive. It would be heavily-focused on new information, getting to the students faster and

sinking-in better.


22. 081207CNW2

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to truly relax and reduce stress is to spend time alone.

答案:I agree with this idea. Although being with others is enjoyable when you’re already in good

spirits, it can be exhausting when you are stressed out. On the other hand, when you are by yourself,

you are free to truly do nothing and let yourself unwind. You can also focus on your own particular

little pleasures, rather than shared activities that might not reduce stress very much. Finally, when

you’re alone, you are given the quiet atmosphere necessary to organize your thoughts and plans.

When you are around others, especially friends, you feel an obligation to keep actively doing things.

Rarely do people just sit in silence together! Maybe you go shopping with your friends a lot or go to the

park down the street whenever people visit. Even if you’re just sitting and talking with your friends, you

are engaging with them. You’re thinking, listening, reacting, speaking, telling stories. Normally, this is

fine and enjoyable. But if you’re extremely stressed out after a hard day at work or school, it can be

burdensome. Interacting with someone takes energy. If you’re already exhausted and frazzled, it doesn’t

help things.

Alone, you don’t feel this requirement to be energetic and fun. You can take a nap. You can meditate. You can lay on your couch and count all the ceiling tiles above your head-it doesn’t matter! You can truly relax and try to recuperate from whatever has been stressful. Additionally, you can choose lazy activities that are particular and comforting to you. Even watching a movie is different when you’re alone. There’s no agreeing or compromising on what to watch. You can watch three cartoon movies in a row, if you want, and eat chocolate ice cream while you do it. No one is watching you. If it makes you feel less stressed, do it! Any silly little thing becomes a welcome relief.

There is also the benefit of not having any distractions or noises to bother you when you are alone. You

can sit down, take a breath, and organize your muddled thoughts. You can think over your workday or

recent assignment and contemplate how everything is going. If you need to make a change in your

routine or set a new goal, you can plan it while you are alone and in a nice quiet space. This can

potentially decrease your stress levels in the future. The key is getting that moment of calm and clarity.

That’s why I think that, yes, the best way to relax and reduce stress is to spend time alone. You do not

have to force yourself to keep up with the energy levels of others, you can be as silly as you want in

order to relax, and you have enough quiet and solitude to gather your thoughts and plan your next


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