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Are you good enough, clever enough, good looking enough? If you think not, would you consider your answer to be objective? Are you one of those people who has an inner critic that Satan would be jealous of? Well it’s time to see yourself as you really are; gifted, worthy and capable of anything you chose to be.

Time to put an end to yourself criticism and look at yourself objectively.

Follow these 7 steps below and you will be lacking in confidence no more.

1. Monitor the Negative Voice

Start by monitoring your negative voice. Notice when you are self-critical, and observe the conversations that go on in your head. When you become aware of the conversations, you can then work on changing them. Your job is to ensure that the voice in your head is positive and supportive at all times and not negative and critical.

2. Friends & Family

Ask your family and friends for their honest opinions about what your strengths are. What do they think you are good at? What were you good at when you were a child? If you want an extensive review, write out a checklist, and ask them what they think of you in the listed areas. Ask a couple of people and then you can see if the opinions are similar—just make sure the person you ask is not someone who is jealous of you or would have any reason to hurt or offend you.

3. No Comparisons

Don’t compare yourself with others—it’s a recipe for disaster. You only need to be good enough for you, so it doesn’t matter what you sister, brother, friend or enemy has achieved. Make your own standards and set goals that are right for you.


4. Journalling

Take a long look at yourself and write a page describing yourself. Journalling can be a great way to look at yourself objectively. Tell your story like it belongs to someone else. What do you honestly think you are good at? Nobody has to see what you write, just write for you. Write down all of your past achievements—start with last year and write about anything that went well, and then extend the list year by year, making sure you include all of your achievements.

5. Personality Assessment

Do a Personality assessment, like the Myers Briggs or DISK personality profile quizzes. These assessments are a great way to understand yourself and to see how you fit in in the world; your personal strengths will become more apparent when you are familiar with your own personality.
做个性格测试吧,比如Myers BriggsDISK性格小测验。这些测试有助于你了解自己并更好地融入生活。当你了解自己的性格时,个人优点也便更为突显。


6. Create a Positive Environment

Make sure that you surround yourself with people who love and support you. If criticism is coming from external sources, remove yourself from the environments that encourage negativity. If you don’t have any friends or family members who inspire and uplift you, join a community that will. There are many groups, both online and offline, that have been formed to encourage people towards a happier and positive life; join one.

7. Drown Yourself in Positivity

Create affirmations that uplift you. Post positive messages to yourself all over your house and work, and every time you say something negative to yourself, replace it with positive thoughts or words. The most important thing to remember is that you are in control of your thoughts. Any past negative patterns can be broken but you must fill the void with positive supportive thoughts and words. Remember that it’s important to be happy with who you, are and to achieve things in life that are right for you. So get a bit of perspective, look at yourself objectively and learn how to be happy with who you are.



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