Something I don't know how to do

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Torben, my friend. Though we know each other just for three days, you made me feel like home. We not only share the food we like, the things we intrested in but the life. Everything of you makes me like you so so much, we watched the stary sky that I never found out such beautiful before, witnessed the crossing flights and you even show me the first satellite in my life. How all these wonderful things happen in three days? I ask myself.

You means too much for me and I want you happy and realsed. About Jenny, I have no right to say something about her cuz I even barely know her, I just hope you are clear about what you want and don't miss anything good. It's the same story but different role to me ,as I said. last time I am the one who called him hundred times without a reply, I didn't know which part I did wrong, maybe just like what he said: I gave him too much care and that's suck. Anyway, if it's his wish to break up with me, I'll be cool with that, but if it's someone said I'm not good enough for him, I'll curse her. Unfortunately, I have to curse my so-called 'best friend'. 

So let it be your true wish to make the final decision, OK? MY FRIEND.

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