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"It's a must to avoid corruption in building up Tongzhou district, the subcenter of the capital. Many construction projects are ready to be launched and need financing. We must pay attention to the buildings' quality and prevent graft. I don't want our officials to fall down as construction is finished."


Wang Anshun, deputy of Beijing People's Congress and mayor of Beijing


"Beijing will set a cap for the population and then allocate basic urban resources, such like gas and electricity. The water, land and other natural resources cannot support an infinite number of people. Experts will conduct research to find the upper limit of population for the capital. We need to reduce population growth immediately."


Chen Gang, deputy of Beijing People's Congress and vice-mayor of Beijing


"She said what many of us want to say, and questioned what we want to question."


Li Suhua, a member of the CPPCC.


*CPPCC: Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 全国人民政治协商会议

"After watching the documentary, I realize it was important to explain the science. Chai put in the time researching the components of PM2.5, and how they affect people's cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, lungs and stomach. It's good that the documentary has aroused great public attention, but we should also notice the special development phase that China is in, and the great efforts the country has made in tackling smog."


Lyu Xinhua, spokesman for the CPPCC session


"Media should not only entertain the public but also undertake the responsibility of cultivating the public's aesthetic consciousness. Media should not just pursue audience ratings, or just turn arts into entertainment."


Tian Qing, researcher at the Chinese National Academy of Arts


"I am glad to see that female officials and professionals can retire at a later age, and that they can still choose to retire at 55 if they want, according to a new regulation. Female professionals have gathered rich experiences by the time they are about 50 years old, and at that time their children have grown up, so they would have more time to devote to work."


Zhang Lihui, dean of the Conservatory of Music at Chongqing Normal University


"The entertainment community should condemn any performer who uses drugs. A number of famous actors and singers were found to have taken drugs last year, and such behavior has a bad effect on them and the entertainment community. Entertainers should behave themselves as they are public figures."


Yin Li, director at China Film Group Corporation


"I will never send my 9-year-old son abroad for education, because China has the best elementary education. Chinese children are getting solid science knowledge and other skills in our schools. I have read all of my son's textbooks. They are very well organized and very interesting. Schools in Western countries advocate that children should learn freely or through play, but it turns out that their children don't learn much. Chinese educators should have confidence. But some times, the pressure of taking exams and doing homework is a little too much for Chinese children. This is what we are going to change."


Xu Jiuping, head of the Business School of Sichuan University


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