My Project 2013-031 【我与听写战队第七季的故事】

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听写战队第七季 Team#G073    //2013 December 15

I participated in the 7th season of the Dictation Challenge, which ran from 2013 November 16 to December 15. This was the first time I was participating and was very excited.

The prizes seemed very enticing. More importantly, I thought it would be a great motivation for me to improve my stats in the dictation section. I wanted to keep track of the progress I would make during the month, so I recorded my stats both before and after the challenge. 

Prior to this Dictation Challenge, I listened to 

247 Japanese entries with an average of 90%, and 

390 Korean entries with an average of 85%, 

totaling 664 entries at 87%. 

During the month, I listened exclusively to Korean entries. After the month-long challenge, 

the Korean entries completed increased to 836 with an average of 86%. 

My overall total now stands at 1110 entries at 87%.

Everyday after completing the dictation entries, I recorded them under the team post.
听写战队第七季G073 (Sign-in Post): 

I am very satisfied with my performance. I completed the challenge with 100% (all 30 days), each day earning the maximum 800 HuJiang coins, with a grand total of 24,000 HuJiang coins.

Personal Results:

In our team (#G073), there were originally 5 members, but two members did not complete. Myself and one other team member were the only ones who completed with 100% attendance and maximum HuJiang coins. Since the team average was low, we were unable to earn the bigger awards, just the basic sunshine participation award.

Team Results:

During the month, I completed two dictation programs and got started on the third one:

每日韩语单词听写:      [completed]

韩语考试初级词汇:    [completed]


While doing the dictation entries, I also caught a few bugs and earned some HuJiang coins.

I look forward to participating in the upcoming seasons of the Dictation Challenge!

It would be great if the awards are given based not only on team efforts, but individual merits as well. Until then, I hope I get better luck at finding more like-minded team members who can deliver.

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