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Questions 34-45


●Read the article below about a manufacturing company called Lebrun.

●In most of the lines (34-45), there is one extra word. It either is grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the meaning of the text. Some lines, however, are correct.

●If a line is correct, write CORRECT on your Answer Sheet

●If there is an extra word in the line, write the extra word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet

●The exercise begins with two examples (0 and 00)


Lebrun Steel Facing up to Tough Times


0  After 98 years of trading, the steel manufacturer Lebrun knows from experiences as how


00 difficult fluctuations in the economic cycle can be for suppliers such as themselves.


34 Since many of the nation’s largest production companies which are its customers,


35 Lebrun is adversely affected by any change for the worse in the economy. Yet Lebrun


36 has managed to keep on sales steady ( in the region of approximately $2.5 billion)


37 and has recorded only one annual loss during the difficulties of the past five


38 years, but despite the effects of the ongoing industrial slowdown. James Griffith,


39 president of Lebrun, now has the task of turning up survival into growth, and


40 his strategy is already becoming clear to those industry observers. In February of


41 this year, the company acquired Bronson plc, additionally a one-time competitor.


42 This merger will greatly expand the size of both Lebrun’s labour force, and


43 Griffith estimates it will boost its revenue by nearly 50%, while too increasing


44 the number of plants and R&D centres in much a similar way. Griffith is


45 optimistic that while the steel industry is about to pull out of recession, and


he wants Lebrun to be ready for this.








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